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Movie Night @ Raices! ::Ciclo de Cine de Verano:: 24th de Abril @ 7pm

Caile para la primera noche de peliculas en Raices Infoshop!
Join us for the first of many movie nights Raices

Viernes, 24 de Abril @ 7pm
Friday, April 24th @ 7pm

Movie Night Poster

Now! Santiago Alverez. (9 mins)

1960s revolutionary propaganda by Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alverez. This short-montage focuses on racial oppression in the United States and agitates for immediate change Now!

El Dia Que Me Quiras, Leandro Katz. RT: (30 mins)

A non-narrative film investigating death and the power of photography, El Día Que Me Quieras is a meditation on the last pictures taken of Ernesto Che Guevara, as he lay dead on a table surrounded by his captors, in Bolivia in 1967. Not a political documentary in the traditional sense, the film alternates between evocation and straight reportage, centering on an interview with the Bolivian photographer Freddy Alborta. Suffused with a sense of mystery, El Día Que Me Quieras is about our assimilation of history.

La Horna de los Hornos, Parte One: Neo-colonization and Violence. Grupo Cine Liberación. (90 mins.)

Perhaps the best-known example of Third Cinema and one of the most influential radical documentaries of the period, La Hora de los Hornos is an unapologetic call for revolution that was strongly influenced by the international insurrectionary
movements of the era. This four-hour film is broken into three parts: Neo-Colonialism and Violence, Act for Liberation, and Violence and Liberation. Part One discusses the neocolonial conditions in Argentina and Latin American dependency.

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